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Empty properties cost you money and time. Do you want to see how you can prevent this?

  • Every time a tenant leaves it costs the landlord money to replace them. Agency fees, marketing fees, time for viewings all add up and eat into your profits
  • Retaining the best tenants and ensuring your properties sell or rent out quickly is essential for your business to flourish.
  • Professional cleaning that is the best in the market will really help your business stand out.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if your property rented within days of being marketed, every single time? You know when you get that perfect tenant who pays their rent on time every month, and always has a clean and tidy room or house when you or your agent inspect it. HMO tenants especially are notorious for staying only short term. Life would be so much easier for investors, if our tenants loved where they lived and never complained about maintenance or unclean shared areas.  Would you like to minimise voids, increase tenure and most importantly your profits?

The reality is that new investors are creating increasing competition by making clean, tidy and newly refurbished properties available in the market. They are charging more, offering quality and making great rooms and houses available. Today Landlords face tough competition in the market as tenant’s demand more for their money, want to live in well maintained properties expect you to provide a clean home.  In addition, landlords under increasing regulatory pressures and have to maintain good yields and minimise voids to be profitable. You need to ensure your property is at its best, every single time you show a prospective tenant around. You need to ensure your tenants are happy and want to stay. Just one empty room in a HMO can cost you £350 to £400 in rental income in just one month so can you really afford not to show your house at its best every time a viewing takes place?

Landlords are getting bad press at the moment and we always seem to be shown in a bad light. Whilst much of this is exaggerated, as we all know, however landlords really need to be different and stand out to survive this onslaught. Good cleaning and preventative maintenance, can really help your residential property business to thrive. In addition, if you can prove that you have paid for professional cleaning at the beginning of any tenancy, you are able to demand professional cleaning standards from your tenants at the end of the tenancy. A deposit protection claim is more likely to succeed if you can prove professional cleaning costs and photographs at the outset of the tenancy.

I own my own property company and have several HMO’s, flats and single lets in and around the East Midlands. I really understand the challenges faced by Landlords today and even though I use letting agents, I have struggled to find good cleaners who consistently deliver a first-class result. The options available seemed to be domestic cleaners or contract cleaners, who just didn’t understand the unique challenges property investors face. Tenants drying washing on radiators, showering without ventilating the room creating mould and damp. People in shared houses not keeping shared areas clean. Some students leaving properties with belongings left behind and very little evidence of cleaning. Maintenance issues unreported so a leak in the sealant leads to water ingress and expensive damage for the landlord to repair. Even in newly refurbished properties this can be a problem for landlords which for me certainly was costing me money. This was why we decided to start ‘Landlord Cleaning Services’. Cleaning designed by investors, for investors.

Landlord Cleaning Services is the only truly specialist cleaning service in the East Midlands, who can deliver to all of the needs of property investors, landlords and developers. We train our staff in the unique services which ensure that your property is sparkling, you can attract the best tenants and most importantly keep them. We can help you to stop maintenance issues progressing into major costs for your business:

  • Landlord Cleaning Services have a 100% quality guarantee
  • We attract the best staff, train them and incentivise them to deliver the best cleaning available in the market.
  • Every time we clean an area, we report back both maintenance issues and safety concerns in the areas cleaned, so you can fix problems quickly.
  • We always photograph and date end of tenancy cleans so you have evidence to accompany your invoice of how the property looked. Essential for claims against deposit later.

100% quality guarantee

Landlord Cleaning are so confident in our service, that if you book our quoted end of tenancy or pre-tenancy clean, we guarantee your new tenants will be happy. If they move in and complain that we have missed anything in the areas we have cleaned, we will come back and finish the job for free.

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Please note only areas booked for clean will be covered by the guarantee and the property must be tenanted within 4 weeks of the clean taking place.

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