Regular Common Area Cleaning

Regular Common Area Cleaning

Common area cleaning for HMO’s and Apartments

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  • Maintenance reporting service

You are trying to rent out rooms or apartments to new tenants and when they arrive the shared area is a mess. This is a scenario that will not maximise your return on investment nor will it minimise voids. The market is competitive and you need to do everything you can to make sure that you fill your rooms and keep the best tenants happy. Regular shared area cleaning is a small cost which will mean your properties stand out from the competition by being more attractive and rent quickly.

We cover Chesterfield, Derby, Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield, Nottingham and any of the other surrounding areas.

HMO Common Area Cleaning

The best HMO’s have regular common area cleaning and Landlord Cleaning Services are experts on this field. We will clean kitchen work surfaces and floors, clean ovens to stop build-up of grease, vacuum carpets, wipe down paintwork, clean windows and make the common areas of your HMO look like new. In addition, our maintenance reporting service means we will list any early stage issues such as breached sealant, mould and damp, leaks, pealing wallpaper broken sockets and a host of other fixable issues, so your maintenance team can fix them before they become a major problem. We become your eyes and ears in your property to stop problems escalating.

Apartment Common Area Cleaning

Landlord Cleaning specialise in regular hallway access and common area cleaning for apartment buildings. Your tenants and prospective tenants will walk into a clean, tidy and welcoming environment which smells nice and makes them want to stay. 1-2 hours cleaning every 2-4 weeks will make all the difference and minimise lengthy voids. Landlord Cleaning Services will:

  • Clean all paintwork and skirting boards.
  • Wipe marks from walls and light switches.
  • Use cordless vacuums to hoover stairs and hallways.
  • Sweep, mop and shine floors.
  • Remove cobwebs from high areas.
  • Clean the insides of windows and window frames (if in reach).

Tenant Cleaning

Landlord Cleaning in Nottingham and Derby offer discounted tenant payable cleaning to tenants for their own rooms and apartments where we do common area cleaning, which will also mean protection of your investment.

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