Serviced Accommodation Cleaning

Serviced Accommodation Cleaning

Ongoing regular cleaning for Serviced Accommodation and Rentals

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Once you have rented your property it is very easy to lose track of any problems which might occur in the property. Having spent money on your investment, simple things like breached sealant and leaking appliances can cause major problems for landlords and agents.

Landlord Cleaning Services in Nottingham and Derby can work on behalf of managing agents and landlords to do daily cleaning in serviced accommodation, and either weekly, two-weekly or monthly cleans as required in other rented accommodation. Not only will we clean the property, but at each clean, in the areas we clean, we will flag any issues of concern such as breached sealant, leaks, fire safety issues and health and safety concerns. Our cleaners are trained to spot minor issues before they develop into major issues and will confidentially report them to you. This can mean a simple fix of a minor problem saving you a fortune in repair costs later.

Regular cleaning will reduce build up of mould, debris in ovens and various other issues which can cost a fortune to repair at the end of a tenancy.

We cover Chesterfield, Derby, Leicester, Loughborough, Mansfield, Nottingham and any of the other surrounding areas.

Serviced Accommodation Cleaning

We understand that different size rooms and properties require different amounts of attention. Hence why we have cleaners on hand to visit as frequently changeovers. Our experienced staff are well trained and able to provide a professional cleaning service every time. Maintaining a consistently high-quality property for all your guests. We also provide all the necessary cleaning products and equipment required to guarantee professional serviced apartments cleaning.

Deep cleaning room or property comes with its own challenges. From the different floors materials to various bathroom and kitchen surfaces needing specific attention. Rest assured that here at Linx, we are well experienced and equip to give you a hassle-free service. We use the best equipment and the most efficient techniques for each surface.

Our cleaners are professionally trained and based in and around city centres so we are ideally placed to take on your cleaning of serviced accommodation.

With numerous guests utilising your facilities weekly, it is certain dirt and debris will build up deep within your carpets. It is far more affordable to provide suitable care to prolong the life of your rooms than to regularly replace them. We can provide a deep and thorough cleansing of the carpets, bringing life and colour back to them.

Using landlord cleaning services means that we take away the headache you have of managing staff and the quality of cleaning from you and deliver a great service to your customers.

Landlord CLeaning is competitively priced and our quality management team will randomly check a proportion of work done to ensure we deliver a consistent service to you.

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