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Our guarantee to you on our cleaning – You will get 100% of your deposit back*

  • Many tenants find that even if they do clean a property at the end of their tenancy, it is not enough to secure the deposit back.
  • Proving you have had a professional clean can really help in these scenarios and you need a receipt to prove this.
  • You know if you prove you have cleaned the property to its original standard, then you will be able to secure your deposit back.
  • If you are renting out your house, proving you had a professional clean at the start of a tenancy can help you insist your future tenants do the same when they leave.

Find out how you can resolve these issues with our 100% satisfaction guarantee to tenants.

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Wouldn’t it be nice if, as a tenant you always got your deposit returned to you? Arguments over cleaning and the state a property is left in can mean the delay in return of your deposit. Lengthy negotiations and fights over the interpretation of the clean on the property can leave you the tenant out of pocket. Wouldn’t it be great if you could show you had had a professional clean and had detailed photographs to prove it?

The reality is that what one person would term as clean, is sometimes not up to the standard of clean for another person. Your agent or Landlord has a duty to provide a clean property to the next person renting and if you do not leave it as you found it you could lose some or all your deposit. If they had a property professionally cleaned at the outset, you need to prove a professional clean at the end of your tenancy.

The problem is that even if you think it is clean, your letting agent or Landlord might not.

Landlord Cleaning Services is the only truly specialist cleaning service in the East Midlands for end of tenancy cleans.

  • Landlord Cleaning Services have a 100% quality guarantee
  • We attract the best staff, train them and incentivise them to deliver the best cleaning available in the market
  • We use the best branded products available in the market at the time, to clean your home so it sparkles and shines
  • We provide detailed photographs via drop box, to show the work done, which can be used if a dispute should arise

100% quality guarantee

We are so confident in our service, that if you book our quoted end of tenancy or pre-tenancy clean, we guarantee the work.

  1. Pre-tenancy clean guarantee (Landlord). If your tenants move in and complain that we have missed anything in the areas we have cleaned, we will come back and finish the job for free.
  2. * End of Tenancy Clean-If you lose an element of your deposit due to a failure on our part on an area we have cleaned, we will refund you that element of the lost deposit attributed to cleaning.

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Please note only areas booked for clean will be covered by the guarantee and the property must be tenanted within 4 weeks of the clean taking place.

Landlord Cleaning are so confident that we are the best, that we offer you a 100% guarantee.

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